The New Bad Guy

July 27, 2022

Oh, man! Coach Drool was my best character name ever. People were using it in the comments for years. I’m going to miss him. As one last tribute, the first two strips he was in, back from July 18-19, 2014, back in the Tru(e) Standish days. I didn’t call him Coach Drool until later in the story, but this was his origin.

You old timers remember cuttersjock? He LIVED for shower scenes, so I gave him a cameo in P4 above. And I’m going to add the strip from July 17th, just so that you know why Gil was talking about potatoes in P1 on that first strip above.

Upset Winner

July 22, 2022

Are you excited to see Jami and Keri again? Slightly older too? I am! Although it ends a long-running joke about them either disappearing or being sent overseas to work in a sweatshop.