Rub the Pit?

May 31, 2019


After P1, I was rather stumped on what to write. So P2 and P3 aren’t that great, but oh well. I just picture Mimi as not taking criticism well and having lame comebacks.

Sorry Girls

May 25, 2019


She’s supposed to be yelling at Molly in the real Gil Thorp, but since the colorist screwed up I’m going with insubordination against the coach.

Sorry Mimi. Even second place is a stretch for you.

Milford Going Down

May 23, 2019


It’s tougher when they have these no dialog days. I have to rely on the drawings for inspiration. Luckily they usually draw enough bizarre things that generate ideas.

Switch Fielders

May 22, 2019


Yeah, what’s the deal with the gloves? Come on artist, you can’t remember which hand is wearing the glove between panels?