Changed His Mind

November 29, 2021

Well, I’ve potentially written myself in a corner. I have no plan for what Chance’s change is going to be. But at least I have a day to come up with something.

Punishment Time

November 24, 2021

The lockers were made possible from a directed donation by Shingo Shimura, a Milford grad who was relentlessly bullied in high school back in the fall of 2013. He made his fortune after graduation, and made this donation so that no kids in the future would be locked in their locker without plenty of extra space to make themselves comfortable.

He Did It Again

November 19, 2021

Gil can always be counted on to, if not resolve problems, at least take credit for them.

Check it out! I have a portion of the blooper reel below, taken from the first attempt at filming today’s first panel.