It’s Still Not Over?

March 31, 2017


Gil doesn’t quite get it. So despite it looking like the story was over, we still have a little more stalling before the transition to baseball. Tomorrow we switch, for sure!

End of Aaaaron

March 30, 2017

Before I get to today’s strip, just letting you know, I have been debating about ending MUT, or at least putting it on hiatus. I have been struggling with the strips more lately, and it seems like I can’t come up with very many original thoughts anymore. Everything is shower jokes, Gil’s lameness, Big Ken Brown making things happen, and the same putdowns of the artwork. Maybe a new storyline will help, but I don’t know at this point.

Regardless, here is the end (I assume) of the Aaaaron storyline:


Milford fans always do that, they just can’t stop celebrating after a win for at least an hour. They must really have achy arms at night.


He Made It Happen

March 29, 2017


Pretty easy for Big Ken Brown to make that shot when his defender is distracted by something else and is walking right past him without even trying to block the shot.

Ready For Some Football?

March 22, 2017


Since they are in Central City, something bad will happen. AQuad will get ejected after taking out his anger on the Central players, with rampant elbows flying everywhere. An ejection is forthcoming!