Losing It

August 31, 2016


I hope this is the end. I’m getting tired of the same old jokes. Feels like I’m beating a dead horse, so to speak.

No Exit

August 26, 2016


At some point they’ll realize that being erased out of existence is preferable to being stuck in this endless story.


August 25, 2016


End this already! P2 barely makes sense, even for MUT. I’m running out of ideas.

MUT Trilogy

Lucky day, three new MUTs to read as I catch up for the days I was gone. Since these are all new I will post them in order oldest to newest, top to bottom. Normally you see the latest on top every day of course, but in this case it makes sense to put the oldest first.

August 19, 2016


Yeah, you always want to assume the worst when near the Milford showers.


August 20, 2016


Not surprised that nobody is within 100 feet of the Baders.


August 22, 2016


Yeah, this is dangerous. I don’t really have a plan in mind for Tru(e), so I hope whatever is in tomorrow’s strip doesn’t screw me when trying to complete this mini cliffhanger.


August 21, 2016

Well, despite my very limited training due to an injury a few months ago, I was able to complete the North Country Trail Marathon yesterday. It went better than I thought, I was afraid I would wilt somewhere around mile 20, but was able to keep up a slow pace with running on the flat portions and walking the hills. The race was delayed about 90 minutes due to lightning, and then around mile 16 it started to rain HARD for about 30 minutes. But the storms held off after that until after I was done. Was able to collect one big ass medal for finishing.