October 30, 2019


Unless Chance’s grandparents passed away during the joke, their routine probably needs more work.


October 24, 2019


Chet unexpectedly stumbles onto something very surprising. And for some reason, he just can’t take his eyes off of it. A common occurrence in Milford.

Meanwhile, Marje is right to be suspicious, as Gil pulled this same stunt back on 8/31. Marje isn’t falling for that again.

Shut Down…With Prejudice!

October 22, 2019


That seems really over the line!

I’ll confess, the direction of this strip was determined after I had decided what to write for the next day’s strip. I’m a day behind and was able to use this as a lead-in since I knew what the next strip was going to be. Had I worked on this before the next day’s strip, it would have been totally different. Not sure what it would have been.