Amber Alert: Mr Reality

Jan 30, 2015


How long will this go on until Max starts thinking like a team player, instead of worrying about his stats? It will be late into the season I’m sure, but he’ll convert of course.

I’m Baaaaack!

Well, I’m back from, um, the convention. Alone. Last I saw of my “secretary” she was being carried down Bourbon Street by two guys and a gal dressed as giant lobsters. Sigh, back to polishing the floors.

Jan 24, 2015


Glad to see Marty’s face make a recovery from P1.

Out of Town

Don’t panic, but since I will be out of town a few days there will not be a MUT posted on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I will try to catch up on them Tuesday night or Wednesday. I’ll be in New Orleans for a…er…fundraiser, yeah, that’s it. Trying to find a cure for EES.

cute girl

Oh, uh, you see, we needed someone to take minutes at the meeting, and, um…